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Where do I check in?

Keauhou Shopping Center 78-6831 Ali’i Drive, Suite 144.

Where do I board the boat?

Keauhou Bay-Directions will be given at check in.

What can I expect to see?

Each trip can be very different. We commonly see: Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins, Reef Fish, Manta Rays, Spotted Eagle Rays, During Whale season (November-March) we do see many Whales.

What should I bring?

Towel, sunscreen, Sunglasses, cover ups, for Manta trip (warm clothing) and BYOB

Do you have Rx Masks?

Yes, they are available at check in.

Can I bring my own gear?

Of course, we want you to be as comfortable as possible so if you are familiar with your own mask, bring it along.

What if I am not a good swimmer?

We provide all kinds of floatation devices including: Noodles, life jackets, kick boards, view finder boards and have certified lifeguards on board.

Can I bring food or drinks?

We provide all food and non-alcoholic drinks if you would like to bring your own alcohol we do allow that.

Does the boat have shade?

Yes, our galley is shaded.

Does the boat have a toilet?

Yes, we have 2 heads (toilets) aboard.

Does the boat have a shower?

We have a fresh water rinse.

How can I avoid becoming seasick?

Trimarans are the most stable vessels on the ocean. Do to the stability you are less likely to become ill. If you are concerned we do offer seasick medication and natural herbs for sale in our shop.

Do I need a wetsuit?

Kona Coast water temps range from 74 degrees (winter) to 81 degrees (summer) if you feel that this water temp is to cool for you we offer wetsuits. If you aren’t sure then take one.

Should I have dinner before the Manta Trip?

Manta trip start time varies with sunset earliest check in at 5 pm return around 8 pm. Restaurants are open at this time. During the summer Manta check in is at 6:30 returning around 9:00 and most restaurants are closed.

Will we be fishing during any of the tours?

Fishing is culturally significant in the Hawaiian Islands and depending on the weather and captain’s discretion we may catch fish on our day charters. Any fish that is caught provides a sustainable meal for our local families.

Is Hokulani wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately Hokulani is not wheelchair accessible but we would be happy to refer you to a company that would be able to accommodate your upcoming tour.

Are you able to contact me on my International Phone Number?

For international numbers, we can only contact you by email. Please check your email regularly as we may have to reach you with important alerts regarding your trip.

Check In:

Keauhou Shopping Center 78-6831 Ali’i Drive, Suite 144.

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