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We at Sea Paradise recognize the importance of protecting our ocean environment and it’s precious natural resources. We are therefore committed to incorporating the values of Hawaii Ecotourism Association’s principles of sustainable tourism within our marine-based tours. Some of the ways we embrace sustainability includes:

  • Providing reef safe sunscreen aboard our vessel as well as promote the use of it on all of our tours
  • Using environmentally friendly green certified cleaners to clean gear and equipment
  • Promote dolphin SMART, Coral Reef Alliance’s West Hawaii Voluntary Standards for Marine Tourism, Manta Ray Tour Operator Guidelines, as well as following all NOAA guidelines to ensure the safety of our marine life. This reference material is also included in our employee handbooks.
  • Implement a recycle program and encourage staff and guests to recycle
  • Provide detailed briefings including cultural significance of each historical site
  • Encourage staff to participate in continuing education as well as volunteering with local non-profit groups to protect and conserve the environment. Some groups include: Hawaii Wildlife Fund, Keep Puako Beautiful, and Surfrider Foundation.
  • Use compostable products sourced through local vendors
  • Energy efficient appliances as well as timers on air conditioning units
  • Use moorings when available or anchor in sand to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Encourage customer feedback at the end of each tour

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